Why Press Releases Are Effective Marketing Strategies


The press release is basically a summary of important news related to your company. You’ll essentially write a press release and then send it to several news organizations or simply publish it on your company’s social media pages and website. In this way, they can be aware of what’s happening. If they’re interested, they will surely write about the news in their publications.


To be more specific, press releases are not normally written to fill some files. Instead, they catch the attention of the people who do write the news, so they can decide if they want to pursue the lead. Having this in mind, press releases tend to be a lot shorter than regular articles and focus on facts primarily.


So as for marketing, it is important to know when releases will benefit your public relations strategy and when it will not. There are many cases when press releases are still valuable to use, but there are even more wrong thoughts about them. As far as in this article, we are going to discuss exactly where the press releases rocks.


1.    Picked Up By Other Publications


The main idea behind the press releases is to get your news in front of as many people as possible. Many companies see success by posting a press release to the wire, where it will be sent out to thousands of publications and ultimately reposted other places online.


The question arises, how do we really get some attention with this tactic? The solution to that is not so hard!  First, we have found that when companies include data in their press releases, which of it will be picked up by the publications. But even more catchy way is to present your story with interesting soundbites.


According to the statistics, press releases are viewed on average about 275 times during the week by the general public. On the other side, the media views it about an average of 70 times during the week.  The more people who are viewing your press release, the more likely, it will be picked up by other publications.


2.    Help To Build More Links


One of the top benefits of press releases for your marketing strategy is link building. When you start sending out press releases, you’ll be sending them to a lot of different places such as magazines, PR directors, administrative assistants, and so on.


The best thing that you can do is before you start sending them, reach out and contact that person. Just do hello, hi, introduce yourself, and let them know that you’re going to be sending press releases their way and that you wanted to make sure they were to direct them toward.


As for the online world, normally an actual press releases do not necessarily help with SEO, the editorial coverage you get from PR will bring great benefits to your SEO. You should also make sure to include relevant keywords that you want to rank in your press releases so that when journalists see the release, they may include some of that keyword.


According to research, there is tremendous synergy between SEO and PR. The press release is a boon for SEO managers everywhere because remarkable actions spur people to create tends to spur content coverage. The coverage of your brand often also comes with inbound links back to your website. Which means you should not always depend upon the press releases.


3.    Help Journalists Check Information


When you create PR, all of the information you want journalists to know about your company is in one place. Even external documents, presentations and research documents, are available in a press release. It makes really easy for journalists to find and accurately reference all of the information they ever need to write their story.


Even when you are connecting with a journalist by e-mail, and not just putting a press release on the wire in the hopes it will be picked up, including an attachment to a press release to help the journalists out. It makes writing about your brand insanely easy and establishes a good relationship that will help you get future press coverage.


4.    Help To Refine Your Messaging


As you are putting your press release together, you need to make sure you have nailed the messaging for the announcement to get exposure. In other words, make sure your press release is able to convey all of the messages you want it to deliver.


It is the place everyone will go to get “the story” and cite important data points. When you have defined the messaging for all other content creators to draw upon. From bloggers to a sales representative, to external content creators, everyone will be speaking about your brand with a unified message that’s set forth during the drafting of your PR.



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