Importance of Lawyer Marketing

Everyone wants more clients in their business. There is one thing that can help a lot in generating more leads. You might have heard online marketing works, but you are not sure where to start. Between Google, Facebook, PPC, SEO, and online reviews, there is a lot to consider and there are plenty of consultants who will claim their services are best.


But before getting into this, you must know which law firm marketing strategy will be best for you? How do you know what to invest in and what to ignore?


The best thing is to ask some other senior lawyers which tactics really worked for them. Plenty of lawyers will respond with accounts of what worked and what didn’t work for their firms. Right now, we are sharing some of the responses from the senior lawyers of the country in the form of tips you can use for your law firm.


Stay Live 24/7


93% of the general public go online to find answers, solutions to their problems. The Internet is a quick source of information. When everyone is searching for solutions, why don’t you offer yours?


Your firm’s website is arguably your number one marketing asset. Your site must carry a complete solution to consumer’s problems. All things should start and end on your website.


Just ignore everything in this article, if you don’t like reading big articles, pay attention to this section. You are always in need of a professional website to portray the best of your business or you can say a law firm. Your website must carry attractive web design, functionality, and user experience so that your client thinks it as the best website they have ever visited.


As far as business and future are concerns, if’s, and’s, or but’s are not tolerated. You have to be focused and well aware. If your website doesn’t make your users “WOW”, then sorry – your website does not exist. To get the best user experience, your website should be:


  • Fast
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO
  • Attractive
  • Authoritative


Your Website Should Load Fast


Almost 50% of internet users are expecting your website to load within 3 to 5 seconds. If it doesn’t, your user will click the “back” button or he will close your tab.


Online marketers know that they can’t make this mistake at any cost. Your users are like a hunters’, if you don’t offer them what they are looking for, they will run to someone else. And we also know there is no shortage of lawyers!


I think you really should check your website loading speed. Get on to Google’s Page Speed Insights and test your site speed. If it’s in red, tell your web team to fix it.


Your Website Should Be Mobile Friendly


Mobile technology is growing at a rapid pace. Today, life has become so busy most of the internet related work is done from mobile phones. No one has enough time to set up the laptop and do his search.


More than 62% of the searches in the United States are happening on smartphones as compared to desktop computers. Whenever a layman is in need of any kind of solution he takes out his mobile out and starts searching on the internet.


Suppose someone is looking for a lawyer’s services and is able to find your website in a search engine due to your hard work on SEO. If your website is not mobile-friendly, you are nowhere!


You should go and test your site on your mobile phone. Does it interact correctly? Is the contact button working properly? Are the photos and videos working? Is the writing large enough to read?  Test, check your website as your client would. If it is not the easiest and most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen, have your web team work on it.


Your Website Should Be Optimized For UX


User experience really matters a lot, we are living with people who are very judgmental. But, regardless of this, you are a lawyer, not an entertainer. Generally, users form an opinion about your site in just 0.5 seconds. In fact, about 3 out of every 4 people have sited a law firm’s website as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business.


This all happens subconsciously, all visual aspects of web pages need to be tailored to psychologically encourage trust, authority, and friendliness. That even goes for colors, shapes, photos, video clips, text font, calls to action, buttons, they all need to have a purpose.


It doesn’t mean that if you are a lawyer then you are done with user experience. Not only should your website appeal to a visitor’s subconscious, but your site also needs to have basic user experience (UX).


UX includes the entire interaction someone has with a website. This includes the piece of content you’ve published, the colors you have used, the layout you’ve made, and how users are interacting with the company. While designing, or developing your online presence, you have in mind that people should leave your website feeling 100% satisfied.


Your friends and family are only people who are most loyal to you, they can guide and bring out your flaws most sincerely. Ask your closer ones to look at your website through a mobile phone. If they were able to navigate around on their own then it’s a good thing. But if they don’t, chances are other consumers won’t be able to either.


You should also check their interest level. Your website must maintain their level of interest. If they get bored after two to three seconds of looking at your site, you may need to put an extra effort.


Go for Content Marketing and SEO


Search engine optimization is the practice of making your website show up higher in search engine results like Google and Bing when people search for your services. These days, when people need something, they pull out their smartphone or tablet and either type it into Google search or use voice commands to open local listings.


Your law firm, your website, needs to be on the first page of the search engineor it may as well not be listed at all! 55% of all clicks go to one of the first three organic search results.


Throughout the lifespan of the client, organic search has accounted for nearly 80% of all web form submissions from prospective clients. We covered making your website fast and mobile-friendly, which is half the battle in SEO for lawyers.


Your next step should be to focus on other aspects of SEO, including:

  • Add schema (extra website code) for attorneys
  • Optimize your landing pages for specific action-related keywords.
  • Add relevant keywords in title, image, and heading tags
  • Optimize images and add full of keyword description


Go for Content Marketing


No wants to hire a lawyer who does not have authority in the industry. Despite this obvious correlation, some of the firm partners have not ever really looked at the content on their site. Your website literally and visually makes up your visitor’s mind over whether to contact you or not.


By the way, when did you look at your firm’s website last time? What’s the overall message you tried to give? Is it easy to read or is it just a website filler? Do you have blogs there?  Your website acts as your online salesman, so it needs to encourage prospective clients for consideration.


So, the first thing you should do is to build out content on your website.  Start with your main services and work out from there. Your next target should be the blog section. Write a number of blogs on different topics, just answer the basic questions every time you get when a new client reaches you. Make it simple!


This will help you in establishing the authority in your industry. It will also help you to increase your website SEO.


Boost with Local SEO


It’s all not as simple as you are thinking right now. You need to claim all of your online real estate. Like all of your social media handles and also if there is something on Google.


Local SEO is the way to rank your rank on the search engines on the first page for the local service area. It’s different from normal SEO because it targets specific areas. The local pack is the box of Google Map results in the search results page, under the paid ads, and in the organic search results.


The information in the local SEO pack is pulled from your Google My Business account, which is why your GMB account needs to be claimed and optimized for local SEO. Your Google My Business profile is not the only one that needs to be optimized for that local SEO. One part of attorney local SEO is finding relevant online directories and claiming your listing. The top legal citation sources are:


  • FindLaw websites
  • Nolo
  • Law Guru
  • Law Info
  • Lawyers US Legal
  • lawyers.com
  • Superlawyers
  • Avvo
  • Justia
  • Best Lawyers


First of all, you have to find and claim your Google My Business account. Afterward update your phone number, address, business hours, reviews, and you are done but the article continues.


Paid Search Ads For Attorneys

If you want to promote your brand and bolster your SEO efforts, we recommend pay per click for lawyers. Paid search ads or pay per click ads are pretty much what they sound like: they are ads you pay for when someone clicks on it.


The reason you should use them is that pay per click ads have a prominent place in search results. When someone goes to any search engine like Google and searches for something, the top 3 – 5 listing are usually advertisements from Google’s AdWords. Just of an example – I’m in New York, and I searched for “Personal Injury Lawyer.” Here’s what came up:


Those dominant paid advertisements took up the entire top of my screen, and on average 41% of the clicks do to the first 3 paid ads on the search results page. But keeping in mind that average pay per click keywords for lawyers and legal services are quite expensive, its average click costing is $54.86.


So, what you have to do is to search for your legal services along with the name of your city. Now look for your competitors, if they rank in the top then you have a long way to go! If not, search for your particular law firm. There are some changes, one of your competitors is bidding on your name and showing ads when someone searches for your firm directly.


Build Your Social Media Presence


If you are thinking that law firms don’t need any presence on social media, then sorry to say – you are wrong my friend. More than 95% of millennials brands do have a social media presence, especially on Facebook.


Having one humanized you and gives people a window into what goes on behind the scenes. As far as people know, you and the rest of your law firm are stiff suits that just care about money. Alright, prove them wrong by boosting posts of your firm at charity events and doing, you know, human things if you have done any!


That’s not easy to decide which social media platform will help you more while looking at your law firm. Let’s say you provide your legal services to small businesses then you should be on LinkedIn other than Facebook. Think!


Email Marketing For Attorneys

Nobody I know has gotten out without using legal services at least two times in their lives. That means with the client you take on, you have an opportunity to build a close bond so you be able to become their family lawyers. By the way, you guys are good at convincing others, it is also a case.


Well, easy and the “cheapest” way of doing this is email marketing. On average, 4400% return is generated on investment while going for email marketing. It will help you to generate more leads.


It is one of the best ways to stay in front of potential and existing clients. 92% of adults in the United States use email, and more than 70% of an average have used a coupon or discount from a marketing email in the past week. As you guys go for the best part, so, the best part, it is one of the most cost-effective forms of legal advertising.


If you want to do more, invest in a video marketing expert. As you have a stunning website, you’ve optimized it for SEO, and you also started to expand your online presence on social media and email. So, video marketing is the only thing left.


It is also important to manage the reputation of your law firm. Even if I buy anything, I first check for the past reviews of customers. I’m not unique in that regard, 90% of consumers read online reviews before visiting a business.


After doing all of this, don’t consider yourself done. Running a business is not an easy thing, especially a law firm. You should have, right tracking, reporting, and analytics. Google does provide all of these services. It will help you target and remove all of the problems on time without causing any major problem.



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