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Executive Legislative and General Government Except Finance PEO Missile and Space Defense

Feb 08, 2021

James Cleveland Adams, was born August 27, 1956 in Huntsville, Alabama, he received an MBA from Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical in 1982 and a B.S. in Accounting from Alabama A&M in 1977. He is a Supervisory Contract Specialist with the US Army Aviation & Missile Command, his specialty is initiating contracts with various corporations and companies to procure and repair missiles. He has a recording on 45 inch, "I Want My Crown" The Voices of Inspiration. Mr. Adams is a member of The Voices of Inspiration, Director for The Voices of Praise Choir & The Saint Elizabeth Sanctuary Choir and the Huntsville Mass Choir. He has received Executive Directors Coin from AMCOM Contracting Center, a PATRIOT Coin from Lower Tier Project Office. His awards include, Air & Missile Defense Outstanding Young Men of America in 1984 and he has received a 1st place trophy for Outstanding Music-The Hunstville Mass Choir. Mr. Adams is married to Gladys, and they have a son, Carlos Jones and a daughter, Latoya Braun. In his spare time he enjoys singing Gospel, directing Choir, reading and decorating.   

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Initiating contracts with various corporations and companies to procure and repair missiles

Name: James Cleveland Adams

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Honors James Cleveland Adams
James Cleveland Adams