Honoring Daniel P. Jacob

Eating and Drinking Places Operations, financial statements, build new sites, develop staff, hiring

Jan 12, 2021

Daniel P. Jacob earned a Bachelor's in Management at Southeastern Louisiana University. He is Director of Operations at Pontchartrain Foods, Inc. (Popeye's Restaurants). He has 34 years’ experience in the industry. He is in- charge of operations, financial statements, developing staff, hiring, and building new sites. Daniel has many awards to his credit including Franchise of the Year, Global Operation of the Year in 2017, Gold Plate Best In Nation, and a Silver Plate Award. He is a member of the PIFA Committee of Franchises, RBI, Community of Franchisors, and the Mandeville Christian Fellowship. In his free time, he enjoys performing music, singing and composing, playing guitar, piano, saxophone, and clarinet. He also helps second harvester’s foundation.  

About Daniel P. Jacob

Director of Operations at Pontchartrain Foods, Inc.

Name: Daniel P. Jacob

Phone: (985) 502-8025

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Honoring Daniel P. Jacob